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About us

Bpo Group provides strategic advisory services that help companies worldwide harness the power of outsourcing. All over World Clients enable us to serve clients effectively around the world. Our breadth and depth of experience allow us to deliver expert analysis and strategic results.  we’ve completed hundreds of major outsourcing transactions in more than 30 key business processes.

Bpo Group helps companies create sourcing strategies and outsourcing relationships that deliver total value—improving performance and results throughout their organizations. Our flexible, collaborative approach analyzes the specifics of each sourcing challenge. Throughout the process, we encourage collaboration between buyers and service providers to spark creativity and lay the groundwork for long-term outsourcing success. The result is a solution that recognizes the strengths, weaknesses and strategic objectives of both parties.

Bpo Group is committed to continuing research and analysis of the strategic issues of the outsourcing market. We’ve developed specialized training and knowledge management systems that enable our consultants to create and share innovative approaches worldwide. We make outsourcing knowledge available to the broader public through

Our Executive Team

Vel Murugan , MD

Mustaq Ahamed , CEO


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Want to send us a brief note? info@prodigyites.com

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